Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Originally, I planned to participate in this coming Selangor Open. I had even sms my name to Mr Lim Tse Pin for registration. However, until this point, I have a problem getting the leave particularly on the Friday. The job's constraint is much more felt when I had been transfered to the headquarters of the Customs Department in Putrajaya. Maybe I will miss the Selangor Open 2010. The next tournament perhaps is the National Closed (or is it now national open?) scheduled to be held in the forthcoming June 2010. I think, I may not be able to participate too as my wife is expected to deliver my 4th son (according to what the doctor had scanned). Hopefully, all the readers will pray for her to deliver the baby safely... amin.

Therefore, all my chess activity is now limited to
i) Keying in the GACC 2005 games (Now the round 2 is in progress)
ii) Playing for the NUSA MAHKOTA in the DATCC league.. so, far I played badly, losing last week's game (poor attacking technique, poor opening) and lost by default 2 weeks ago.

May be I will come in one of the days of Selangor Open 2010, meeting chess friends, selling some books, e-books, buletin, chess demo (only 3 left).. etc

last year I participated, and the most crucial lost was on the final round when I blundered horribly against Faris Shafruddin. I may produced some or all the important moment from my last campaign in Selangor Open 2009 later.

What do occurs to me is, I won after blundering against Azman Hisham, I drew against Yeap Eng Chiam after a wonderful (in my opinion) endgame technique. I won against Muhd Syazwan also with very good endgame. I won against Mark Siew (by luck) after totally outplayed in the opening. The rest I need to lok back at my database at home (I am typing this before leaving the office- after the office hour)

And.. I did not realise, that, I have a number of fans reading my blog here... thank you very much. I shall continue sharing my knowldege with all of you via this blog.


茂恒 said...

Many a little makes a mickle.........................................


All the hard work my man and syabas with the coming boy, all results of dedication to family then chess, anyway do not forget we need you next year in Asean Paragames Bandung 2011.