Wednesday, December 26, 2007

CHESS BOOKS MANIAC... just a food for thought

Have you ever had the feeling like to have as many chess books as possible? (Chess books' maniac). Since I sell chess books, I had discovered the chess players in Malaysia (may be also in the worldwide)
  1. Like to buy and read chess books (This including me!.. and I also like to sell..)
  2. Like to read chess books but prefers photostat copies! (Beware! There is Copyright Act in Malaysia? You can be either charged in the criminal court or sued personally in civil courts)
  3. Like to read but don't like to buy (Jenis suka pinjam dan kadang-kadang buat harta sendiri)
  4. Like to buy original books but never or rarely read
  5. Like to buy photostat books but never / rarely read them
  6. Don't like to read books at all, only likes to play chess and learn practically
  7. Don't like to read nor to learn, but likes to play as he /she wishes
Another category is the attitude of local chess players on the tournaments' buletins (which I had produced a number of them)
  1. Those who like to keep their own games, and buy when seeing their own games
  2. Those who likes to keep the record of the specific tournament, irespective they are participating or not (Jax Tham for instant had told me, he had collected National Closed Buletins since 19** (I forgot the exact year)
  3. Those who collect games for teaching his students (eg. En Mazlan Harun from Malacca)
  4. Those who collect any games from any tournament
  5. Those who don't bother at all and hates to see their own games in the bulletin (Unfortunately, this is majority)

Sunday, December 23, 2007


  • This is a classic book written by the genius Bobby Fischer (The world champion 1972-1975).
  • Descriptive notation (1.P-K4 P-K4)
  • Every chess players should read this priceless chess literature
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I think it is a good price because it is offered at the higher price in the net (not in RM of course!)
See also:
(1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4)

(1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.b4!? and 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6)

An ideal reference for 1.e4 e5 players as black

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A very consise yet efficient reference for Evans Gambit lovers (as black and white)

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( 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Nf6) and (4.Ng5 Bc5!?)

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

The World Inter Varsity 2007 (Or traditionally better known as GACC, which originally Grand Asean Chess Challenge later Grand Asia Chess Challenge), organised by University of Malaya is one of the most prestigous chess tournaments ever organsised in our local chess calendar, particularly for the Universities Students (Besides MASUM games which only involve local Universities). I had played in the first, second and third GACC (1996,1997 and 1998) The best achievement was in 1996 when I got the best board 1 prize (The format was the standard team event, i.e. 4+2 per team) and Universiti Islam Antarabangsa claimed the 3rd place beind 2 Universities of Singapore (I could not recall them).

The recent GACC2007 had just ended and all the scoresheets are with me ( I am doing the job to computerise all the games in the chess database format) and I am going to produce the games' bulletin before the next GACC.

I also plan to participate in the next GACC because I have enrolled in the Masters in Intellectual Propety at UKM.

Below is one of my best games against one of the best UM's player, Martin Quek. The early Bishop's sacrifice was the highlight of the whole game, completely stunned Marin Quek and with a few amazing Queen's maneuver (which I myself cannot guarantee that I can repeat this if I replay this game again nowadays)

White: Rizal A Kamal IIUM

Black: Martin Quek UM

[B87] Sicilian Najdorf; Fischer attack

GACC1 (5), 11.12.1996

[Annotattion by: Rizal,A Kamal]

1.e4 c5 2.¤f3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 a6 6.Bc4 b5 7.Bb3 Bb7 8.0–0 e6 9.Re1 Be7?

10.Bxe6! fxe6 11.Nxe6 Qb6 12.Nxg7+ Kf7 13.Nf5 Bf8 14.Bg5 Nbd7 15.Nd5

15...Bxd5 16.exd5 h6 17.Bf4?!

[17.Bh4! may be better]

17...Re8 18.Rxe8! Kxe8 19.Qe2+ Kd8 20.Qe6!

20...Rh7 21.Re1 b4 22.Bxd6 Bxd6 23.Nxd6 Kc7 24.Ne8+! Nxe8

[24...Kb7 25.Nxf6 Qxe6 26.Rxe6 Nxf6 27.Rxf6 Re7 28.Kf1]

25.Qxe8 Qb8 26.Qg6! Rh8 27.Qc6+ Kd8 28.Re6 Qc8 29.Qd6!
(setting a nasty trap)


[29...Qxc2?? 30.Qe7+ Kc7 31.Rc6+ Qxc6 32.dxc6 Kxc6]



[30...Rh8 31.Qh4+ Kc7 32.Rc6+ Kb7 33.Qxb4+ Ka8 34.Rxc8+ Rxc8 35.Qd6 Nb8 36.c3]

31.Qh4+ Nf6

[Finally, black had to return the extra piece and white, with several extra pawns is winning easily]

32.Rxf6 Rxf6 33.Qxf6+ Ke8 34.d6!

[The rest were played on because black just did not want to let his team mates down too early]

34...Qd7 35.Qh8+! Kf7 36.Qh7+ Ke6 37.Qxd7+ Kxd7 38.Kf1 Kxd6 39.Ke2 Kc5 40.Kd3 h5 41.g3 Kb5 42.Kd4 a5 43.c4+ bxc3 44.bxc3 a4 45.h4 Kc6 46.Ke4 Kd6 47.f3 Kc5 48.Kd3 a3 49.g4 Kd6 50.g5 Ke6 51.c4 Ke5 52.Ke3 Ke6 53.Ke4 Kf7 54.Ke5 Ke7 55.f4 Kf7 56.f5 1–0

Sunday, December 09, 2007


White: Abdullah Khairi Kz

Black: Nor Azmi Mohd Nor

[C54] Italian Game

Blitz, Staff Inter Varsity UNIMAP, 2007

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 Nor Azmi is very well versed with the Italian game and this may be the first time that his theoretical knowledge would be tested in UNIMAP, and it is in 5 minutes game!!

4.c3 Nf6 5.d4

During the game, I instantly recalled what had been described by Anatoly Karpov in one of his Classic book, " The Open Game In Action". He wrote that (in my own words) the text move had not been the choice of GMs because it only involve memorising of theory. The one with the better memory should be successful. Nevertheless he did cited a game with 5.d4 in his book. [5.d3 was Karpov's peference] 5...exd4 6.cxd4 Bb4+ 7.Nc3 [7.Bd2 is another popular line. Nor Azmi is well versed with it and with both colours! 7...Bxd2+ 8.Nbxd2 d5 9.exd5 exd5 10.Qb3 Na5 11.Qa4+ Nc6 12.Qb3 Nce7 (12...Na5 13.Qa4+ ½–½ Nor Azmi Mohd Noor-Halim Shuhaimi/27th Inter-Varsity Staff Games 2002/[UIAM] (13)) 13.0–0 0–0 14.Rfe1 Nb6 15.Bd3 Bf5 16.Ne4? (16.Rxe7! is the correct move 16...Bxd3 17.Rae1 Bg6=) 16...Nc6 17.Neg5 Nxd4 18.Nxd4 Bxd3 19.Qxd3 Qxg5 20.Nf3 Qf6 21.Qc2 c6 22.Re2 Rfe8 23.Rae1 Rxe2 24.Qxe2 g6 25.Qe7 Qxe7 26.Rxe7 Rd8 27.g3 Rd7 28.Re8+ Kg7 29.Ne5 Rd1+ 30.Kg2 Nd5 31.Rb8 Re1 32.Nc4 b6 33.Rc8 Re7 34.a3 c5 35.Rd8 Nc7 36.Ne3 Ne6 37.Rd6 Nd4 38.Rd8 h6 39.h3 h5 40.h4 Nc6 41.Rd6 Nd4 42.Rd8 Nb3 43.Rd5 f6 44.g4 hxg4 45.Nxg4 Kf7 0–1 Mohd Hafez Hilmi Harun-Nor Azmi Mohd Noor/27th Inter-Varsity Staff Games 2002/[UIAM] (45)]

7...Nxe4 8.0–0 Bxc3 9.d5 Bf6 10.Re1 Ne7 11.Rxe4 d6 12.Bg5 Bxg5 13.Nxg5 h6 14.Qe2! hxg5 15.Re1 Be6 16.dxe6 f5?!

[16...f6 was the standard theory cited by Karpov in his aforementioned book]

17.Re3 d5 18.Rh3 Rf8

[White's Rook is taboo, for example 18...Rxh3 19.gxh3 dxc4 20.Qh5+ g6 21.Qh8+ Ng8 22.Qxg8+ Ke7 23.Qf7+ Kd6 24.Rd1+ Kc6 25.Rxd8 Rxd8 26.e7]

19.Bd3 Qd6

[19...g6 may be imperative]

20.Qh5+ g6 21.Qxg5

This is the different! Had the black pawn on f6 instead on f5, it would be not possible to capture via Qxg5

21...0–0–0 22.Rh7! Rde8 23.Rf7! Rh8

[23...Rxf7 is suicidal as 24.exf7 Rf8 25.Rxe7 wins for white]

24.h3 Rh5?


25.Qf6 a6 26.Rf8!


A gross blunder. 26...Qd8 is the most obstinate defence 27.Qxh8

Abdullah Khairi registered a victory over Nor Azmi. However, Nor Azmi went on to win the first prize in this blitz tournament.