Wednesday, December 26, 2007

CHESS BOOKS MANIAC... just a food for thought

Have you ever had the feeling like to have as many chess books as possible? (Chess books' maniac). Since I sell chess books, I had discovered the chess players in Malaysia (may be also in the worldwide)
  1. Like to buy and read chess books (This including me!.. and I also like to sell..)
  2. Like to read chess books but prefers photostat copies! (Beware! There is Copyright Act in Malaysia? You can be either charged in the criminal court or sued personally in civil courts)
  3. Like to read but don't like to buy (Jenis suka pinjam dan kadang-kadang buat harta sendiri)
  4. Like to buy original books but never or rarely read
  5. Like to buy photostat books but never / rarely read them
  6. Don't like to read books at all, only likes to play chess and learn practically
  7. Don't like to read nor to learn, but likes to play as he /she wishes
Another category is the attitude of local chess players on the tournaments' buletins (which I had produced a number of them)
  1. Those who like to keep their own games, and buy when seeing their own games
  2. Those who likes to keep the record of the specific tournament, irespective they are participating or not (Jax Tham for instant had told me, he had collected National Closed Buletins since 19** (I forgot the exact year)
  3. Those who collect games for teaching his students (eg. En Mazlan Harun from Malacca)
  4. Those who collect any games from any tournament
  5. Those who don't bother at all and hates to see their own games in the bulletin (Unfortunately, this is majority)

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