Monday, June 16, 2014

My personal analysis from the recent Macau aged group

I had been following on a few games of the juniors. This is natural enough as I have a daughter and 2 sons who are involving (though not very much success so far) in chess. My aim to bring my daughter and both of my sons to the MSSM level was not fully achieved this year (except for my eldelst son who managed to qualify in representing Putrajaya in MSSM 2014), and I admit that, they have to work harder if they want to go further in chess.

On presenting the country as juniors, I humbly admit that, I feel that, they are 'not very fit' to play at international level. True, if I wait and wait, there is possibility that the 'waiting' will be in a forn of perpetuity. Therefore, I would try my best to open the path to them to enjoy chess, not only at national (or local) level, but at the international level, when the 'time is right' or in the positive form - 'very soon'.

My daughter, for example was not consistent in her results. She managed to beat even the best (1st seeded Zainoor Ikmal Munirah in the recent MSSS Selangor) but then had mediocre results in the  next 3 rounds.This typical phenomena was repeated in the recent National aged group (U10G) when after having full points, she encounterd the favourite and the 1st seeded, Goh Ji Yie and unexpectedly produced a win, which was quite convincing. But, in the next round, and the following rounds until the end of the tournament, she began to lose all the remaining games.

I had been following closely the juniors boys and girls in action at the recent Macau aged group. One of the games played in Macau had strucked my eyes when I think, Chua Jia-Tien (Goh Ji Yie's good friend from Penang) had missed a brilliant sacrificial game in the second round.

For the sacrifice skill to be developed, I think, after studying Tal, Shirov or Kasparov's games, she would be very strong in future.