Monday, January 30, 2012
Yesterday, I brought my son Akmal and my daughter Haibatul Hannan to participate in a small open chess tournament  organised by the OKU in conjunction with Hari Wilayah at the Dataran Merdeka. I arrived a bit late but still on time to let them taste the excitement of a chess competition. Unplanly, the arbiter, sifu Latif asked me to join the tournament due to the odd number of participant.

Despite the fact that I had not plan to play in a tournament, I accepted it as the other participants are non others than my chess friends as well as most of them used to be trained by me during the previous para games. In fact sifu Latif also announced to the OKU that he is working hard to find sponsors to enabled the Malaysian players to join the next para game in Rangoon Myanmar 2013.

I was paired against Mahadzir Derani, Shaharudin Sidek, Ho Hea King, Shaharudin Mappa and Hasidin Abd Rasyid. All these 5 are the heavyweight contestant of the OKU. In fact I did suffer a number of defeats in the hand of them during training session. However, this time, I managed to beat all of them to become the winner. My daughter cinched (surprisingly) the champion for school category including a victory over her own elder brother (actually by default - illegal move in 10 minutes blitz)

Here are the games

Monday, January 16, 2012

Yesterday, I brought my daughter, Haibatul Hannan (aged 7) to the DATCC to introduce her to my 'chess world'. Originally I intended to register my son as a participant, but he suffered a heavy flu and did not able to participate due to his poor health condition. At the very last minute, the organiser, Mr Fadli 'officially' invited me through his microphone when I was on the way to the exit door. As a courtessy, I offered my daughter instead (who was eager to take part) to accept the invitation. Therefore she began her chess career in DATCC. At the end, not bad, with absolute beginner level and first ever tournament entry, she got 3 points out of 8 rounds! Sounds impressive, but in fact, she only won one but had 2 walkover.. very lucky in term of gaining points. Here how she snatched a point by a snap mate.