Saturday, July 31, 2010

2 books that helped me

In my previous blog's session, I presented 4 games. Below are the books which I recommend for references pertaining to the games.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


After a mediocre result from the 3rd DATCC League and disastrous 4/9 score from the recent National Closed, I see my FIDE rating had dropped 5 points to below 2000. It seemed that, I should stop playing chess after all. However, being a customs officer, I had no excuse from taking the responsibility to play on board no.1 for my department (Jabatan Kastam) in the recent Sukan Kewangan which were held at DATCC from 14 to 16th July 2010. The most bitter rivals on board one were among others, the experienced Goh Teck Koon (KWSP) and Abang Mohd Reduan (BSN - also MAKSAK Sarawak board no.1 player). Fortunately I did not have to add another headache facing the father of the 2 siblings WCM and WFM, Azman Hisham Che Doi of Securities Commisioners due to his busy of managing his daughters who are playing abroad for the country.

Sincerely speaking, I was happy to make a draw against them and would be trying to beat the other who are not as strong as the mentioned rivals. Incidentally, I only managed to draw against NM Kamalarifin Wahiduddin (DBKL) and Mohd Fahmi (LHDN) in the MAKSWIP Chess Tournament 2010, that was a few days before the SUKAN KEWANGAN.

It turned up unexpectedly pleasant achievement. I scored the full 7 points including victories against Goh Teck Koon and Abang Mohd Reduan.

Rizal A Kamal KASTAM - Goh Teck Koon KWSP
[C45] Scotch Game Sukan Kewangan (Round 1 Table 3 Board 1 ) 14.07.2010 Rizal A Kamal KASTAM - Goh Teck Koon KWSP [C45] Sukan Kewangan (R1.B1 T3), 14.07.2010

1.e4 e5 2.¤f3 ¤c6 3.d4

[3.¥b5 a6 4.¥xc6 dxc6 is played in the later round between Abg Mohd Reduan and Goh Teck Koon]

3...exd4 4.¤xd4 ¥c5 5.¤xc6 £f6 6.£d2 £xc6

Theory says, best is 6..dxc6. But the text is played most frequently by our Malaysians players


[7.£f4!? may be better, avoiding the possible pin as in the game ¤f6 8.¥d3 d6 9.0–0=]

7...¥b4! 8.¥d3

[Possible is8.¥e2 £xe4 (8...¥xc3 9.£xc3 £xc3+ [9...£xe4 10.£xg7] 10.bxc3 ¤f6 11.¥f3 0–0 12.0–0) 9.¤xe4 ¥xd2+ 10.¥xd2]


[In my opinion, stronger is 8...¤f6 9.0–0 and now not the blunder ¤xe4 '??' 10.¥xe4 wins a piece, but 9...0–0 10.¦e1 etc (If 10.£g5 ¥xc3 11.bxc3 £xc3 12.e5 £xa1 13.¥a3 h6 14.£g3 £d4 15.exf6 £xf6 16.¥xf8 ¢xf8 17.£xc7; or if 10.£f4 ¥xc3 11.bxc3 £xc3 12.¦b1 d5 13.e5 ¤e4 14.¥b2 £a5 15.£h4 h6) ) ]

9.0–0 ¥xc3 10.bxc3 0–0 11.£g5 ¤g6 12.¥d2 d6 13.¦ab1 b6 14.f4 £c5+ 15.£xc5 bxc5 16.¦f3 ¥d7 17.¦g3 ¦fb8 18.¦a1 ¦b2 19.¥c1 ¦b6 20.¦f3

Seeing that The Rook on g3 doing nothing, I decided to pull back

20... ¦ab8 21.¦f1 ¦b1 22.¥e3 ¦xa1 23.¦xa1 ¦b2 24.a4 ¢f8 25.¥c1 ¦b8 26.g3 ¤e7 27.c4 ¤c6 28.¥d2 ¤d4 29.¥c3 ¥c6 30.¢f2 g6 31.¢e3 f6?

Losing a pawn. Goh was already having less than 5 minutes around here.

32.¥xd4 cxd4+ 33.¢xd4 ¢e7 34.¢c3 a5 35.h4 ¦b4 36.h5? g5?

36... gxh5! may had given me a headache as ...¥e8 is a feasible defence

37.fxg5 fxg5 38.h6! ¦b8 39.¦f1 ¦f8 40.¦h1 ¦f7 41.¢b3 ¢f8?

After the game Goh freely admited that, this was a mistake. 41... ¢f6! may saves the half point.

42.¦h5 ¦f6 43.e5 dxe5 44.¥xh7 ¥e8 45.¦xg5

and now Goh played the illegal move 45... ¥xh6 but resigned after putting a piece en prise in our mutual time scramble


Rizal A Kamal KASTAM - Abg Mohd Reduan BSN [C81]

Sukan Kewangan (3), 14.07.2010

1.e4 e5 2.¤f3 ¤c6 3.¥b5 a6 4.¥a4 ¤f6 5.0–0 b5 6.¥b3 ¤xe4 7.d4 d5 8.dxe5 ¥e6 9.£e2

[9.¤bd2 ¤c5 10.c3 d4 11.¤g5 dxc3 (11...£xg5 But this changed my mind as I had not prepared for it) 12.¤xe6 fxe6 13.bxc3 £d3 14.¥c2 £xc3 15.¤b3 ¤xb3 16.¥xb3 came across my mind as played by Gary Kasparov in his famous victory over Viswanathan Anand]


[9...¥e7 10.¦d1 0–0 (10...£d7 11.c4) 11.c4! bxc4 12.¥xc4 £b8 13.¥d3; 9...¥c5 10.¥e3]

10.¦d1 c6 11.¥e3 ¥e7 12.¤bd2 ¤xd2 13.¦xd2 £c8 14.h3 0–0 15.c3 ¤xb3 16.axb3 a5 17.¤d4 f5 18.exf6 ¥xf6 19.£d3 ¥d7 20.f4 ¦e8 21.¦f2 ¢h8 22.¦f3 £b8 23.¤f5 ¦e4 24.¤g3 £e8 25.¥c5 ¦e1+ 26.¦f1 ¦xa1 27.¦xa1 ¥h4 28.¢h2 £f7 29.¦f1 ¦e8 30.¥d4 ¥xg3+ 31.£xg3 ¦e2 32.¦a1 a4 33.bxa4 bxa4 34.¦xa4 h6 35.¦b4

[35.b4 ¦e4 36.¥e5]

35...¥f5 with a draw offer

36.¦a4 ¥e4 37.¥f2 c5 38.b4 £g6 39.£xg6? [39.bxc5! simply winning]

39...¥xg6 40.¢g1 [40.¥xc5 ¥e4 41.¢g1 ¦xg2+ 42.¢f1 ¦g3 43.¥d4 ¦xh3 44.¦a7 ¦g3 45.b5]

40...cxb4 41.¦xb4 ¦c2 42.¥d4 ¥e4 43.¦b7 ¦xg2+ 44.¢f1 ¢h7 45.¦e7 ¦g3 46.¢f2 ¦xh3??

[46...¦g2+ 47.¢f1 ¦g3=]

47.¦xg7+ ¢h8 48.¦g3+ 1–0

For the full result of CATUR SUKAN KEWANGAN 2010