Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I am fully aware that there are a number of tournaments around the corner, which I may not able to get myself involve. However, this does not mean that I had absolutely quit from chess. In fact on this coming 19-21 April, I shall accompany my son for his debut in the MSSD Chess Petaling Jaya. Well, frankly speaking, I did not had much time to train him. If he score a point, than that shall be very good enough.

My department will be the next host of Sukan Kementerian Kewangan which shall feature chess as one of its event . As a matter of fact, Royal Malaysian Customs (RMC) of WPKL shall organise two closed events involving chess, i.e. Catur Antara Bahagian Kastam WPKL on this coming 21 May and Pesta Sukan Kastam which features chess (And I was told that Negeri Sembilan will be the host)

If everything goes well, I shall bring 2 teams of players from the RMC to join the labour day chess tournament in this coming 24th of April. Ampang Chessmaster 2011


The Ampang Jaya Chess Club together with the YB Ampang MP Office will be organizing a one day rapid National Rated event - AMPANG CHESSMASTER 2011 for the YB Ampang MP Trophy on Sunday, 15th May 2011.

Event will be played over 7 round Swiss with a time control of 25 minutes per player per game played to the finish. Entry fees is RM25 for adults and RM10 for students.

A total prize fund of RM2,190 has been aside for the winners with the champion to earn RM500. There are plenty of consolation prizes for various categories including prizes for secondary and primary students, local Ampang Jaya resident, veteran, ladies, IPT student and many more. This event has been registered for National rating hence, players will have a chance to earn valuable rating points to improve their standing/ranking within the Malaysian Chess community

The venue for the event is at the Medan Selera Ampang Waterfront, Jalan Bukit Belachan, Ampang. Registration opens at 9:00am with the Round 1 scheduled at 10:00am.

For more information, please contact Abdul Hakim Nordin at (019)3925828. Early registration or payment can be made via Najib Wahab at (016)3382542 or email:

Thank you and Warm Regards
Najib Abdul Wahab
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Program Manager/Coordinator

Saturday, April 02, 2011 

Setiap nafas yang dihembus
Setiap degupan jantung
Aku selalu memikirkanmu
Dalam sedar dibuai angan
Dalam tidur dan khayalan
Aku selalu memikirkanmu
Ternyata ku perlukan cinta dari dirimu sayang
Barulah terasa ku bernyawa
Kasihku…ku amat mencintai kamu
Kerana kau beri erti hidup
Ku kan terus mencinta sedetik lebih selepas selamanya
Di kala penuh ketakutan dengan badai kehidupan
Ku bersyukur adanya kamu
Biarlah kehilangan semua yang dimiliki di dunia
Asal masih adanya kamu

i can see the sadness in your eyes
and every teardrop that you cry
i hope you know it's hard to let you go

the time is here
i have to say goodbye
i lit my light
(correction: I laid my life i’ve seen the light)
i've seen the light
i hope you know it's hard to let you go

i swear to be the shadow by your side
to be the shining star alight (to light) the darkness of your night
i will survive

in the end as i cross the line of life and dead
i find my way back in your heart again
and i promise i will stay for ever and a day
the memories remain