Sunday, April 17, 2011

I am fully aware that there are a number of tournaments around the corner, which I may not able to get myself involve. However, this does not mean that I had absolutely quit from chess. In fact on this coming 19-21 April, I shall accompany my son for his debut in the MSSD Chess Petaling Jaya. Well, frankly speaking, I did not had much time to train him. If he score a point, than that shall be very good enough.

My department will be the next host of Sukan Kementerian Kewangan which shall feature chess as one of its event . As a matter of fact, Royal Malaysian Customs (RMC) of WPKL shall organise two closed events involving chess, i.e. Catur Antara Bahagian Kastam WPKL on this coming 21 May and Pesta Sukan Kastam which features chess (And I was told that Negeri Sembilan will be the host)

If everything goes well, I shall bring 2 teams of players from the RMC to join the labour day chess tournament in this coming 24th of April.

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