Monday, July 11, 2011

Yesterday 15 teams from numerous government agencies had taken part in the Catur MAKSWIP 2011 which ended with the defending champion DBKL since 2000, retained their champion status quo. They easily trashed their opponent team KSN 4-0 in the 1st round, winning with a very narrow margin 2.5-1.5 on KASTAM A in the second round. Then they began to show their true colour by trashing BSN A 4-0 in the 3rd round and JPA A 3-1 in the 4th round. In the 5th and final round, they wrapping up their campaign by defeating a new comer FRIM A 3-1.

With this result, they again emerged as the champion for the catur MAKSWIP. DBKL was represented by NM Kamalarifin Wahiduddin, Mohd Zambri Mohd Shariff, Muhd Akmal Sealine, Azman Yahya and Bahtiar Saedon. This means the KASTAM (my Department) players have to wait for another year to try to wrest the champion title from the reigning champion. KASTAM had been the runner up since 2006 consercutively up to this year 2011.

As the event had finished a bit late last night (at about 11.00 pm) I had been not able to key in the games yet. However, I presented here, one of the most bitter fought game of mind against the board one player of FRIM A.

In this position, it was white's turn to make the 34th move:



After my opponent's last move 33...Qe7, I sensed that the potential discovered attack on black's Queen should gives white the decisive knock out punch. Since white is already 2 pawns up (during the game I only thought white is only a pawn up, I displayed the winning combination which ended up with white winning another pawn and in the process exchanging all the heavy pieces leaving the white knight versus the black Bishop.

34. Rxg6! Rxc5 (black had been relying on this, but this falls short to...) 35.Rxg7+! (35.Qxg7+! is also possible) 35...Qxg7 36.Qxg7 Kxg7 37.Nxc5 and the game played on a couple of moves before until Black lost his Bishop by 2 forks combination.

The 3rd place were wrested by the JPA A who had just got their new star, the ever popular blogger and my friend in chess Hairulov.

And the new comer, AG (Accountant General managed to wrest the 4th placing). All the selected players for MAKSWIP (MAKSAK KL) shall start their training session beginning this Wednesday. The MAKSWIP (MAKSAK KL) is the defending champion of the Catur MAKSAK 2010.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Yesterday I attended the meeting of catur makswip which was then decided to be held on this coming Sunday 10th of July 2011. Originally the torunament is supposed to be run on the 9th and 10th of July 2011, however due to the rally planned to be held on this 9th July, all the managers of the Government sectors which involved in this meeting agreed that chess shall be competed in 5 swiss rounds (1 hour time control) in one day (the 5th round to be scheduled at 8.00 pm)

Up to this point, 17 teams had confirmed their participation. Among them are the defending champion DBKL, the long awaited champion in making (had been the running up since 2006 consercutively to 2011) Customs Department, LHDN, MSN, CIDB, BSN (last entry as far as I could remember was 1998!), JPA, Accountant General.

Below are among the interesting games played in the last year's series: