Monday, January 16, 2012

Yesterday, I brought my daughter, Haibatul Hannan (aged 7) to the DATCC to introduce her to my 'chess world'. Originally I intended to register my son as a participant, but he suffered a heavy flu and did not able to participate due to his poor health condition. At the very last minute, the organiser, Mr Fadli 'officially' invited me through his microphone when I was on the way to the exit door. As a courtessy, I offered my daughter instead (who was eager to take part) to accept the invitation. Therefore she began her chess career in DATCC. At the end, not bad, with absolute beginner level and first ever tournament entry, she got 3 points out of 8 rounds! Sounds impressive, but in fact, she only won one but had 2 walkover.. very lucky in term of gaining points. Here how she snatched a point by a snap mate.


abdooss said...

Waaahhh, banyak lama tak update blog..

Welcome to another Rizal junior!

Rizal Ahmad Kamal said...

Abdoos! kasi Contact no kau

abdooss said...


Add facebook aku lah.. Ab Salim.

Tel; 016-2062643 atau 0173187861


-Dolah Salim