Sunday, April 12, 2009


The Scandinavian Defence
by James Plassket
Published year : 2004
Local bookstore : RM 114.90

My price : RM 95.00

A very important reference for those who has problem facing variety variations of the Scandinavian including the tricky and provocative 3...Qd6!? (after 1.e4 d5 2.exd5 Qxd5 3.Nc3 Qd6) and the weird 3...Qe5+. Also very useful reference for the Scandinavian defenders

The Controversial Samisch King's Indian
by Chris Ward
published year 2004
Local bookstore price : RM 114.90

My price: RM 95.00

This book is aimed for white players to take over the solid King's Indian by agressive setup, that is the Samisch


Rethinking The Chess Pieces
by Andrew Soltis
published in 2004
Local books price : RM 104.90
My price : RM 90.00
I am recommending for those who really wants to learn the basic chess (but in detail's level). This is truely an excellent and outstanding book to understand the correct concept of pieces in general and specific according to the demand of the position on the board. This book is also an ideal reference for chess coaches to enable them to explain in details and accurate about the chess pieces concept to their students

The Ultimate King's Indian Attack
by Angus Dunnington
Published and reprint 2001
local bookstore's price: - unknown

My price RM 80.00

An ideal all rounded opening system for those who are lazy or simply too busy or has no time to study the opening

Coming soon in stock!

Miguel Najdorf (RM 90.00)
The Scandinavian Defense (Michael Melt) - 3...Qd6 (RM100.00)

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