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Another Nice Achievement : NUSA MAHKOTA 3.5 - 17 CHESS CLUB 0.5

In the blog of Razali Ng6 Chess v Catur the prediction was a closed fight (2.5-1.5) favouring the NUSA MAHKOTA. It turned out to be an almost 2 consercutive 4-0 victories had not NM Kamal Arifin missed stronger continuation as in the post morterm between them (I also occassionally involve in showing the ideas) heavily favoured white.

My personal game: against Mr Mat Zaki Yeop, I won a quiet game which in fact not according to my usual style, but chess, like life sometimes turns up to be very routined, very dry. Frankly speaking, I have to admit that, I was rather extremely cautios and did not want to play any trick, but rather to play positionally. Of course I had met the same opponent twice before in 2007 and 2008 with the same colour and to this date I had scored 3-0 with black, not a bad achievement, but not without difficulties as the London System or The Barry attack had posed me real problem as I could not play the normal King Indian. As a matter of fact my preparation was reading the Greece IM Yelena Dembo for 7 days(!!)

and I had also occassionally browsed through my old book Beating the anti King Indian by the famous GM Joe Gallagher

Let's go to the game

White: Mat Zaki Yeop
Black : Rizal A Kamal
2nd DATCC League 2009
The Barry attack

I was late about 11 minutes
1.Nf3 Nf6 2.d4 g6 3.Nc3
With this move order, the setpiece is known as the Barry attack.

Otherwise, if I play the normal king Indian move 3..d6 4.e4 and I would be tricked to a Pirc defence Classical, which is not part of my opening repertoire

4.Bf4 Bg7
4...c6 5.e3 Bg4 6.Be2 Bg7 7.h3 (7.Ne5!? was played by my opponent in one of our previous meeting) 7...Bxf3 8.Bxf3 0-0was recommended by IM Andrew Martin in his Foxy Chess DVD. The continuation recommended were to play the break e5 followed by Ne8, Qe7, Nd7 to recover the pawn, but somehow he did not tell me how to deal with the break d4 as played by NM Kamal Arifin against me in MAKSWIP 2008.

Another option, favoured by Mark Hebden is 5.Qd2 which I discovered that NM Kamal Arifin had studied in depth in one of our blitz games. However, the text was correctly predicted by me.

5...0-0 6.Be2
Here I expected 6.Bd3

"A strong move" - Mat Zaki Yeop after the game

Still in the book of IM Yelena Dembo. The capture 7.dxc5 Nbd7 is also in his book. However, my opponent felt that 7.h4 should be tried. We continued with 7...Qb6 8.a3 Bf5! Mat Zaki Yeop regarded this as very strong.

7... cxd4
Only now I deviated. The theoretical move order is to play 7...Nc6. But over the board, I could not fathom out the answer after 8.dxc5. Therefore, I decide to settle the center problem first as cxd4 had to be played sooner or later anyway

8.exd4 Nc6 9.a3
A quick reply. I did not understand this as it is a passive move. Perhaps 9.Qd2 or the caveman like attack 9.h4 should be considered.

9...Qb6 10.Be3
White is playing for a trap. During the game, I remebered that in one of our previous encounters, my opponent had told me that he does not like at all the move like Rb1 or Na4 followed by c3,b4 etc. Therefore, I decided to mantain my Queen on b6 just to annoy him pschycologically

10...Bf5 11.Bd3 Bxd3
I gladly exchanges my opponent's good Bishop

12. Nxd3
12.Qxd3 Qxb2 13.0-0 Qb6 black captures a pawn and runs away with it

12...Rad8 13.h4 h5
The kingside onslaught which often made me nervous is now easily parried.

White is prepared to castling Queenside and I could not tolerate this

14...Ne4 15.Nxe4 dxe4 16.d5??
I had seen this, but I did not expect my opponent to fall into it

and wins a pawn

17. Nb4??
another blunder which lost a piece

17...Nxb4 18.Bd2 Nxc2+ 19.Kd1 Qa4
White resigned 0-1

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