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That's the best description for KL team, comprises of myself as the captain, NM Kamalarifin Wahiduddin, Mohd Zambri Mohd Shariff, Azman Hisham Che Doi (The father of the prominent siblings WCM and WFM Nur Najiha and Nur Nabila, not to forget Mohd Nabil) and 2 new and formidable face, Shamsudin Mat Isa and Muhammad Rizal Jusah, not to forget, our provocative manager, Hassan, and all the MAKSWIP managment, including Abang Zul (Zulkifly Md Din) and Mr Zaini.

Also, thank you for the smooth conduct of the progress of the tournament by the IA Ibrahim Yaacob and his son, son in law and daughter. (Despite some critics and complaint made openly, I think it is not a major flaw)

My conclusion is, we won the MAKSAK Chess Championship in KL (The last time we won was in MAKSAK 2006 at KL) due to a few factors:-

1. We field 2 Rizals in our team (Well this is only symbolic)

2. I suppose we have the better preparation. This year, we even had set the line up before hand and even set who will play who (using the prediction bases on the previous database).

3. We even tried to analyse and discuss deeply, besides our favourite openings, the variation which may surface when meeting particular players.

4. We also played a few blitz (but cannot be too much as blitz will usually spoils the game) to prepare for the time trouble circumstances, and the blitz games were limited to our openig preparation only.

5. A few of us also listen to the DVDs / videos presentation available from the net by the GMs.

6. We possess the best team spirit, and confidence.

Below is my last game from the tournament this year with my arch rival Md Anis Rahimi of Kelantan. As usual, I face an unpregnable fortress position which made me think a lot and in the end suffers an extreme time trouble. But during the blitz mode, the fortune (as before this) shines with me and won by a checkmate using a pawn

(15) Rizal A Kamal KL - Md Anis Rahimi KELANTAN [C41]
MAKSAK Kuala Lumpur, 08.08.2010
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 exd4 4.Nxd4 Be7 5.Nc3 c6 6.Bf4 Nf6 7.Qd2 0–0 8.Be2 Nbd7 9.Nf5 Ne5 10.Nxe7+ Qxe7 11.0–0–0 Rd8 12.f3 Be6 13.g4 b5 14.Kb1 a5 15.Bxe5 dxe5 16.Qe3 a4 17.Rxd8+ Rxd8 18.Rd1 Rxd1+ 19.Bxd1 Qd6 20.Qd3 Qc7 21.a3 Nd7 22.Be2 Nf8 23.Qe3 Ng6 24.Qc5 Qd7 25.Kc1 f6 26.Qb6 h6 27.Qf2 Qd6 28.h4 Nf4 29.h5 Kh7 30.Qb6 Qd7 31.Qb8 Bf7 32.Bf1 Ne6 33.Nd1 Nd4 34.Ne3 Nxf3 35.Bd3 Nd4 36.Qf8 Be6 37.Nf5 Nxf5 38.exf5 Bd5 39.Qc5 Bf3 40.Qg1 e4 41.Qe3 Bg2 42.Be2 Qd5 43.Qd2 Qa2 44.Qc3 Qd5 45.Qd2 Qa2 46.Qd8 Qd5 47.Qe8 Bf3 48.Qg6+ Kh8 49.Qe8+ Qg8 50.Qxg8+ Kxg8 51.Kd2 Kf7 52.Ke3 Bg2 53.c4 Ke7 54.cxb5 cxb5 55.Bxb5 Kd6 56.Bxa4 Kc5 57.b4+ Kb6 58.Be8 Bf3 59.a4 Bxg4 60.a5+ Kb7 61.b5 Bxf5 62.Bc6+ Ka7 63.b6+ Kb8 64.a6 Bc8 65.a7# 1–0

I shall tell more after doing the key in job of all the MAKSAK 2010 games. The price may be around RM 25 to 30 due to the biggest number of participant teams this year.


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Congrat for you and your teamates.You deserved it this year.so far only our team and sarawak who always dominate maksak championship.Other teams are catching us very fast,who knows other team may have the possiblelity to win this event and that catch us by suprises.

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Tolong komen analisis saya game Rizal vs Anis, MAKSAK 2010.