Thursday, October 07, 2010


I had not been writing at my blog for about 1 month, simply not because I was too lazy to write, instead I was too busy with my normal life (non-chess matters: working, fasting of Syawal, visiting my relatives and my wife relatives in conjunction with the Syawal Eid Fitri) Syawal is approaching to its end, and so was the Chess Olympiad which had closed its curtain recently. I enjoyed my bloggers colleagues' chess covevarage, all sorts of news and Mas' Nokia Gambit incident.

Meanwhile, I had almost finished the recent SUKAN KEWANGAN 2010 buletin, (with only a few games to be keyed in) and I expect it to be ready in the market in about 2 weeks time. As regards to the MAKSAK, due to my extreme time constrain, I had just finished up to round 3 (There are 8 more rounds to go).

For chess enthusiasts especially from the government sectors which involved in chess (MAKSAK and SUKAN KEWANGAN) may call / sms to me for further information.

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