Saturday, November 27, 2010


Hj Shahrudin Sidek (N9) vs Mahadzir Derani (KL)

[Event "Paralimpiad, UiTM Lendu"]
[Site "?"]
[Date "2010.11.25"]
[Round "5.1"]
[White "Hj Shahrudin Sidek N9"]
[Black "Mahadzir Derani KL"]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]
[SetUp "1"]

{I had lost my handphone thus lost my mood to record the important game
between KL player, Mahadzir Derani and Hj Shaharudin Sidek of N9. However,
after Amir Samsudin and Idris Saman had registered their victories, I
discovered that, the tie break between Idris and Hj Shaharudin was favouring
the former. Therefore, a victory from Mahadzir might as well changed the
colour of the medal from silver to another gold. In fact losing this game
still mantains the KL team clinch on gold (team). therefore, having a winning
advantage, a player should execute the victory. Why should we waist such
opportunity? After all I recall one of the most notable quote from the late
bobby Fischer - which I could not remember exactly the wordings- a chess
player's aim is to win the game after sitting for hours. If you have the
opportunity why waist such opportunity with a draw?}

1. Bxa7 Bg5 2. Qe2 Be3+
3. Kf1
And here, surprising ly black offered a draw which was
gladly accepted by Hj Shaharudin as it enabled him to win the gold medal.}

(3.Kh1 d3 {leads to the same finale})
(3. Kf1 {After this, the winning line would be} d3 4. Qb2 (4. Qxe3 Qxg2#) 4... d2 5. Ke2
(5. Re2 d1=Q+ 6. Re1 Bd3+ 7. Qe2 Bxe2#) 5... Qxg2+ 6. Kxe3 dxe1=Q+ 7. Kf4 Qxb2
8. e7 Qxh2+ 9. Kg5 Qeh4#)


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