Sunday, December 12, 2010


The latest news is, the buletin is in the process of printing at the shop and shall be available in the market from 19th December onwards. The buletin is in the form of gum-binding and the price is RM25.00. It includes all the 264 games (The biggest number of games since 2003) played in 12 rounds during the last Catur MAKSAK 2010 held in Puteri Park Kuala Lumpur


The complete record of this event shall be in available in the market after the Christmas. Anyway, I shall try to do my best to make it available before the Christmas, probably on the 24th, so that anyone who intends to purchase it, can have this during the coming Malay Open on the 26thb of December. The buletin is also in the format of gum-binding and the price is RM 20.00. 168 games were keyed in into this buletin.

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