Monday, January 24, 2011


This year, the Royal Customs of Malaysia shall be the host of the FINANCE SPORTS. Chess will be among the games to be competed between the 8 agencies under the Ministry of finance. I am not yet informed about the exact date or venue, but the Customs chess players shall be following a special course which includes the centralized training in our AKADEMI KASTAM MALAYSIA (AKMAL) in Malacca for aboout 2 to 3 weeks. Our preparation shall be based on all the databases of chess gathered from the previous Chess competition, mainly the FINANCE SPORTS (Chess) itself. 

The buletin for the previous tournament (2010) is still available for sale at RM25.00 and the coaches shall have a clear guideline for "how to begin the training" or shall I rephrase "What is the guidelinebasis for our team's preparation"

Also available is the reprinted edition of SUKAN KEWANGAN 2002 (hosted by Customs) and 2003 (hosted by KWSP) at RM 10.00 each editions.

The preparation based on previous games database is the standard weapon in modern chess which is very essential and effective in order to upgrade the quality of a player's game while at the same time, increases the chances to net the valuable point.

Except.. you want to play the crude systems such as...

(picture above taken from the googling the net for illustrative purpose)

Well, in that case, you are on your own world... in your on jungle... of theories

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