Monday, June 06, 2011

I am giving away (may be similar to the concept of exchange sacrifice in chess) a number of my chess books at 3 flat rate prices RM 10, RM50 and RM70 (please do not ask for further discount). These are all my personal collection and reference. The condition of the books are as it is (Some like brand new, some like moderate usage, some used etc)

GROUP 1: RM 70

(market price more than RM 100)

Market price RM 90 and above

Market price RM 89.90 and above

GROUP 2 : RM 50

1. Fire on Board - Alexey Shirov  Reserved to Samsudin Mat Isa
2. Beating the Gruenfeld - Anatoly Karpov
3. Chess Kaleidoscope - Karpov and Gik
4. Winning With The Schliemann (Ruy Lopez 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc3 3.Bb5 f5!)
5. The Gruenfeld - Shamkovich
6. Evans Gambit &; Two Kinghts Defence - Tim Harding
7. Kasparov
8. Winning With The Dragon (1st edition) - Chris Ward
9. How To Learn From Your Defeats - Karpov
10. Beating The Sicilian 2 (John Nunn)
11. Sicilian ..e6 and d6 - Kasparov
12. Semi Open Games in Action - Karpov
13. Semi Closed Games in Action - Karpov
14. Open Games in action - Karpov
15. EVERYMANCHESS French classical - Byron Jacobs
16. The Evans Gambit - Tim Harding and Caferty
17. The New King Indian defence - John Nunn Sold to Azizan Aziz
18. King Indian Mar Del Plata (Including a chapter on the Bayonet attack)
19. Ultimate Dragon - Yugoslav attack - Eduard Gufeld
20.Chess Players Battle Manual - Nigel Davies
21. Grandmasters Chess
22. Sicilian Richter Rautzer attack - Peter Wells Sold to Azizan Aziz
23. The Complete Benoni - Lev Psakhis
24. Beating the Flank Openings - Kotronias
25. EVERYMANCHESS Caro Kann - Neil Mc Donald
26. EVERYMANCHESS Grand Prix attack - Plasskett  Reserved to Samsudin Mat Isa

27. EVERYMANCHESS English 1..e5
28. The Chess Terrorist Handbook - Shamkovich
29. A view From The Top - (Kasparov-Anand 1995 match)
30. The Sveshnikov Sicilian - Neil Mc Donald
31. The Scandinavian - Plasskett
32. Batsford Chess Openings - Nick de Firmian Reserved to Samsudin Mat Isa

GROUP 3: RM 10
(Only 2 left - the remaining had been bought by my chess frined Azizan Abd Aziz)

1. Grandmaster Chess (old book with historical value)

How Life Imitates Chess (Gary Kasparov)
A truly motivation book for chess players

1st come (1st pay) first serve. Hurry! while stock last.

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