Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Last Saturday I took part in the annual event held by Putrajaya Komuniti. It was my 3rd consercutive participation since I had been transfered to the Customs Department Headquarters at Putrajaya. This year's respond, however, had turned out to be very poor. I do not wish to speculate the reason, but naturally, as a chess player, among the factors which are among my considerations are:

1. The champion's prize:
(This year only RM300, whereby the  price was RM500 in 2011 and 2010 (the year I became the champion for the first time in this event) 
2. The number of prices: if I am not mistaken, in 2011 8 placing were offered whereby in this year's event it had been reduced to 4 placing only.
3. Chances to win:
In the absence of many Putrajaya's 'chess masters' leads by Ahmad Maliki, Hairul Abd Hamid (Hairulov), Zulkifli Zaidan and only Hasidin, Sulkifli, Firdaus, Roslan Abd Aziz, Rizal Jusah (among the 24 -only!!- participants, my chance would be very great.
4. The cost
Cost include, the petrol, tol, fee, time of travel etc. As Putrajaya is about 30 minutes from my house, I feel that I had been travelling to my my office with extra one day for this special occassion.

I discovered that only 24(including myself) took part compared to last years' 48, in the above 16 category (actually it should be call open ). I managed to win 5 games and drew one with Cikgui Rizal Jusah (The 1st seeded in this tournament based on last year's result). However, I was declared as the champion based on higher tie break.

Result in above 16

1st - Rizal Ahmad Kamal
2nd - Muhammad Rizal Jusah
3rd - Hasidin Abdul Rashid
4th - Mohd Sulkifly

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