Monday, May 20, 2013

The Reign of Puteri Munajjah

Puteri Munajjah AzZahraa botched a sum of RM 150.00 after successfully winning 5 rounds of the 1st ever PERTANDINGAN CATUR KANAK-KANAK TERBUKA (BWH 12 TAHUN) organised and sponsored by Persatuan Peduduk Kuarters Kastam Kelana Jaya.

It only attracted a modest number of 22 participants. 23 had registered earlier and 1 had withdrawn beofre the tournament begun. Another one was then discovered not able to attend the competition leaving 21 participants with only 10 boards to be played.

Nevertheless, the quality of the participants including 2 last minute enrolment of 2 junior FIDE rated players, Puteri Munajjah and Yee Jian Yang had added the fuel to produced some sparks in their encounters respectively. The other 9 nationally rated players were also not having easy time as some of the unrated junior players (especially the son/daughter of the Customs) had produced some upsets, for example, Muhd Adam Azizan's victory over Kabilan Thanabalan.

Spectators describe this competition as very-very entertaining.

The full result is as follows:

(Photo from Hairulov's blog - credit to Shamsuddin Mat Isa)

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