Monday, March 01, 2010

My game against Nge Jia Xuan in the final round:

After 16. Nh4, (Diagram) my opponent suddenly blundered an important pawn by playing 16...Kh8?

Therefore, I took the pawn 17.Bxf7 Rf8 18.Ng6+Nxg6 19.Bxg6

Now, black tried something like 19...Bc8 20.Nf5 Ng8 very passive indeed. And now, I played the agressive 21.Rg3. After 21..Qc6, with the intention of exchanging off my attacking knight

I produced a nice tactical shot 22.Nxg7! which demolishes black's King sanctuary. The knight is taboo due to 22...Kxg7?? fails to 23.Be8 dis. check!

The game proceeded with 22...Rf6 23.Nf5 Bxf5 24.exf5 Rdf8 and now comes 25.Qh5 Qd7 26.Rg4 c5 27.Rh4 d5 28.Re1..

Black tried to breach the center via 28...d4 29.cxd4 exd4 30.Rhe4! absolute control on the e-file.

The game did not last long. After 30..c4, white finishes black with the neat 31.Re7!

1-0 Black resigned

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muhammad aiman zakwan said...

yeah.. bad positions force bad moves.. anyway,excellent job!